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Whether the people spending time in your commercial space are shoppers, diners, employees or students, their comfort is your business. We provide smart, efficient and reliable light commercial HVAC systems and products that make sure visitors enjoy every minute in your space. Our affordable and energy-efficient commercial heating and cooling products are flexible for new construction or replacement application—giving you a substantial return on your investment.

With OSHA, N.A.T.E. and EPA certified technicians, versed in GMP and NFPA practices and guidelines...we exceed the industry standards.

Maintenance and Repair
We know that no business can afford to wait long when there’s a heating or air conditioning issue. Our repair team responds quickly to every service call, and we take great pride in completing the vast majority of repairs in a single visit. When the problem is serious enough to merit replacement, we’ll work with you to compare the cost of fixing the existing system with the cost of installing a new system. Ultimately, we believe that that decision belongs to the business owner, and we do our best to provide all the information you need to make the right choice.

Every building and every business have unique heating and cooling needs, and we believe in embracing and meeting those individual needs. We’ll start the installation process with a full load calculation or heat loss calculation to assess the building’s heating or cooling requirements, then work with you to find a system that fits those requirements within your budget. With that properly-sized system in hand, our installation team will work to make sure it meets or exceeds the manufacturer’s standards. We’ll also use in-house fabricated parts to make the process more efficient and ensure that the system perfectly fits your facility’s needs.

Planned Maintenance Agreements

Of course, the best approach to heating and cooling issues is to prevent them from happening in the first place; that’s why we offer planned maintenance agreements saving you hundreds of dollars annually.

During a planned maintenance visit, we’ll diagnose any small, emerging issues and fix them before they turn into big problems, so you won’t have to deal with the large future cost of a major repair or early replacement. We’ll also make calibration adjustments to minimize energy usage. Planned maintenance from George’s & Son’s HVAC, Inc. is an investment in the present and future of your business, and we keep the cost as low as possible to help you get a great return on that investment